SAGANÀ Partners with My:Dio to support Mangrove Rehabilitation

In support of its mission to promote sustainability efforts in the Philippines, Saganà has chosen to promote a mangrove re-plantation project in Bayug Island near Iligan City in the Philippines through a partnership with MY:DIO.

MY:DIO is a platform built on a vision of society empowering people to value Nature. It is committed to rewarding and encouraging “green actions” - behavior change for the health and prosperity of our planet - by RETHINKING MONEY FOR NATURE.

MY:DIO partners with businesses to support social and environmental projects through the use of DIO (an acronym for a Drop In the Oceans) which the name given to their unit of digital currency .

How MY:DIO Works

  • Earn MY:DIO rewards for green actions such as adopting a mangrove tree or using public transport.

  • -  Save money using MY:DIO Currency as partial payment for everyday purchases.

In this way you pass on the value you generate in MY:DIO Currency to companies that choose to drive sustainability by accepting MY:DIO Currency and then paying forward MY:DIO Currency in recognition of further green actions.


Why Mangrove Regeneration Is Worth Supporting

Mangroves are not only one of the most effective natural solutions for carbon capture, they also provide important habitats for biodiversity. Unfortunately, mangrove forests were damaged extensively in the Bayug Island region due to extreme weather conditions over the last two decades. Today, local communities are working together to plant new mangrove trees and carefully track each tree’s growth to ensure they thrive for the long term. But they need our help to do this important work for now and the future.

How Your Support Rewards You

During the campaign and for a limited period of time, MY:DIO is offering trees along with new purchases at Sagana’s store. By adopting a tree, you can freely check in or receive regular updates on the status of each of your adopted trees. As a reward for this green action, you will receive some MY:DIO Currency, allowing you to save money on your next transaction.

Furthermore, you increase your own positive environmental impact and encourage other businesses to participate in social and environmental projects similar to this one.

To learn more about My:DIO and how you can support other partners for sustainability visit: