About Us

Who We Are

SAGANÀ® redefines the art of sweetening, of baking and of cooking for ethical and sustainable gastronomy.

SAGANÀ means ‘abundance’ in Tagalog and we have chosen abundant, sustainable, high value specialty ingredients to develop a full range of innovative, healthier alternative food products that are nutritious, ethical, tasty and real! Our social business concept is a 10 year old dream that begun in 2014 and as we rethink the food of tomorrow, we strive to steadily build a responsible global business with a conscience.

From concept, prototyping to market testing, from Zürich to Geneva six years ago, the founders and SAGANÀ team have surpassed many challenges and hurdles, learning tremendously along the way. Purpose-driven, we stay committed and inspired to be resilient, creative and use our business degrees, expertise and shared values of integrity, transparency, openness and excellence.

SAGANÀ® is the first Swiss-Filipino owned, purpose-driven, premium healthy lifestyle Swiss brand built from scratch. By responsibly sourcing and working directly with our growing partners of agri-cooperatives and responsible enterprises in the Philippines, we create positive impact in the gastronomic world, the environment and in the lives of all our global customers, producer and business partners, through the healthier, ethical and premium plant-based food alternatives that we offer.

Our Mission

We advocate healthy living, fair trade, rural community empowerment and environmental sustainability. We collaborate with recognized local cooperatives and social enterprises that share our values, produce the highest quality agri-products and meet stringent environmental standards.

Inspired by our business degrees, entrepreneurial spirit, relevant expertise and international savvy, we strive to create 'green jobs' with premium fair wages, help alleviate poverty by creating a forward-thinking 'business with a conscience'.

Our Values

The values of authenticity, transparency, respect, integrity, excellence and openness, guide us. As the direct intermediary between producers and customers, we strive to work with like-minded partners who share our values and mindfully believe in fair, empowering collaborations.