FAQ - Coconut Sweetener

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we  call  coconut blossom nectar  instead of coconut sugar ?

We  know it can be confusing especially when sugar, a basic food ingredient is barely in the limelight until recently.  There are many ancient natural sweeteners and coconut blossom nectar, flowing from the flowers of the coconut tree, is among them. It functions exactly like sugar cane or beet, thus, easily referred to as 'coconut sugar'.   With a 1:1 ratio to cane sugar for sweetening, baking and cooking, you can create merengue and your cakes will never drop! 

Why do I need healthier natural sweetener substitutes  ?

We believe that having a healthy lifestyle means consciously choosing and using minimally-processed natural sweetener substitutes.  Highly-processed added sugars are found in everything we eat and drink today. With more children and adults suffering from food intolerances and health-related problems linked to sugar overconsumption, we can enjoy our simple pleasures such as premium coffee, gastronomic  desserts and fine chocolates using authentic  natural sweeteners with great taste!

What is the difference between palm and coconut trees ?

These are two different varieties growing in tropical countries. Palm trees produces palm oil, palm nectar and palm fruit; it is mostly cultivated for its oil  in plantations unfortunately associated with massive deforestation.  Coconut trees are from the Cocos Nucifera variety, produces over 25 coconut by products such as coconut virgin oil and  desiccated coconut as well as non food items such as cocomat, etc. Called the  'Tree of Life',  coconut trees are drought resistant, excellent soil builders, carbon sinks and promote biodiversity with its multi-layer cropping capacity.

What about the calories ?  Vitamins and Minerals ?

SAGANÀ's Coconut Sweeteners  offer no empty calories with its 100% undiluted, pure coconut blossom nectars.  It has an average of 15g per 100g similar to other natural sweeteners available in the market.  SAGANÀ's conducted food analyses show that our premium product has 3% fructose and is potassium rich ( 52% NRV) per 100g . This is equivalent to eating two avocados or three bananas a day!

How does SAGANÀ Coconut Sweetener  tastes, feels and looks like ?

Believe us that our SAGANÀ Coconut Sweeteners have the most subtle, delicious caramel taste that melts in the mouth ! When used as an ingredient, the authentic caramel flavor reveals itself and subtly complements anything that you desire  to caramelize such as plain yogurt, smoothies, bbq marinades, chocolates, etc.  

Of the highest quality, it has no bland, rough, burnt or sour after-taste and do not taste like coconut at all.  It has an astonishing smooth texture and character --- only possible when fresh nectar is cooked before fermentation has begun. It is neither mixed with sugars nor water during and after the cooking process. 

Are monkeys or other animals used for production?

No, animals are not used. It is simply not part of Philippine culture for coconut farmers. An age-old tradition, resilient  farmers skilfully climb the coconut trees four times a day to collect fresh nectar from flower spathes.  Furthermore, our partner tappers farm their own ancestral lands, have decent working conditions,  receive premium wages and training on food safety and hygiene, quality control, organic and better farming techniques.

What social and environmental impact do we strive to create ?

We want to create impact in four areas : gourmet, health, social and environment.  We strive to create sustainable  alternative 'green jobs' for rural coconut farmers who for generations suffer indignities and chronic poverty by focusing on high-value, healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly  agri-products such as coconut nectar production instead of copra production,  Our clean-label packaging materials are recycable, light and eco-friendly.  Our products are shipped to Europe and we are eager to explore greener logistics via the Silk Route from China to Europe one day. We also want to help save bees with our coconut blossom nectar alternative!

How can we order in bulk ?

Yes, we are happy to work with small and big companies, discerning hotels, caterers, restaurants, boutique cafés and food manufacturers interested in our specialty ingredients in bulk and retail. We value quality over mass production, respect the artisan work of our partner farmers and traditional production process of these sustainable natural resources.


Any other questions?

Please leave us a message at info@sagana.org and we will reply as soon as possible.