Dairy-Free, Plant-Based Butters

Discover our innovative new range of premium and sustainable dairy-free, plant based butter alternatives. Use it the way you would use butter in any recipe! According to Great Taste UK 2021 judges, it has authentic great taste and deserving of its 1-star!

‘It takes an average of 7.3lbs of CO2 equivalent for every 2.2lbs of plant-based butter produced, compared to a 26.7lbs of CO2 for dairy-based spreads. In fact, compared to dairy butter, plant-based alternatives use 70% less water and emit up to 50% less of carbon dioxide.’


Why do we love our SALTED and UNSALTED butter alternatives from coconuts ?


SAGANÀ Salted and Unsalted Coconut Spreads are our dairy-free, plant based butter alternative to premium table butter. Palm-free and vegan, it is made from non-hydrogenated pure 81% coconut oil which means it has zero trans fats and not a blend of vegetable oils. Thus, it is classed as a vegan butter and not a spreadable margarine. Creamy and versatile, coconut oil doesn’t burn unlike dairy butter. Use it as a spread, for cooking, stir-frying, sautéing, roasting, buttering and definitely, for all baking purposes.

Use it the way you would use butter in any recipe that calls for it.